Group Packs Are Most Rewarding Way In MyAdStory

Hello everyone
As you know, our group packs are the most rewarding way in MyAdStory. higher daily gains, bonus key etc.
All group infos here >>
(Click on “GROUPS”)

It’s a real way to win more and faster, all together, as a team.
Many groups are already open and others will open again and again.

We are looking for serious, active, motivated partners, engaged in MyAdStory, to join us and carry out a “CLOSE ALL GROUPS” operation! (y) You will win and MAS too!

You know, we are very numerous, it would suffice only a small number, which buys even 1 or 2 pack, you can buy more of course … and in a few times, we would close all the groups, or many groups.

Who is a “committed MyAdStory partner” and is ready to follow us?
Comment only “me”.

Let’s grow MAS to the top!

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Let’s get out there and make MAS viral!

Hello MAS Family!

We have been moving right along since reopening the site a few weeks ago. Many improvements have been made and it seems that many old members have found their way back into their accounts and have started being active again. We have had successful deposits and many payouts.

We feel that the website is running very smooth and is at the point where it is time to go viral. We will now be having an Official Live Hangout to really kickoff the relaunching of MyAdStory!

So clear your calendar for Monday evening and get ready to be filled with much information! Many various things will be discussed from the Group Feature to some marketing training to the discussion of our partnership with Grand Empire Capital. More information will be released later today regarding the time for the hangout. Spread the news to your referrals and make sure they don’t miss this hangout.

Let’s get out there and make MAS viral!