Adscash Coins Trading Scheduled To Start Soon

As per the schedule on whitepaper , we are all set to start Trading
of adscash coins no later than march 31st , 2018 !

It could be before also

We are in the process of communicating with over 10 exchanges right now
and response has been amazing

All things looking positive

We will be wrapping up the ICO shortly as we have reached our targeted
hardcap for public sale !

With that Affiliate side of things will also be over as we prepare to start trading
on exchanges

I took some time off from regular adscash updates as their were some internal
tech things I needed to focus on to ensure adscash meets world class standards
when it comes to advertising currency

Its all looking good now and some major corporate tie ups are also along the way
about which you will hear soon

Spread the word , forward this email to everyone in your team and lets prepare for
a massive 2018

See you on top

Nick Johnson
CEO – Ads.Cash

Click CI Ads, Have BitCoin Ready To Buy, Promote Your Links

Hey Everyone

Just finished a board meeting with CI‘s management team
and had few quick announcements for you

1) Once we are done with Ads Cash Launch in about 30 days or so ,
we will be able to allocate tech resources to Click Intensity to launch
Click Intensity Version 2.0

As of now all our current tech teams are allocated towards Ads.Cash

We are continously hiring more and more people to meet the demands….

2) There will be a proper prelaunch around it and you will be able to
explode your teams In Click Intensity’s Version 2.0 Prelaunch

We will be going 100 % bitcoin way and you will be able to purchase
your credit packs with bitcoins and get paid daily revenue share of
1 % a day in bitcoins till your packs expire at 120 % !

After being in business for about 12 months , we know our rough margins
and we are 100 % certain to maintain revenue share in that range for a long
period of time

3) There will be few modifications in terms of daily withdrawal limits ,
amount you can withdraw daily and amount you need to reinvest in
buying packs to stabilizie the system for long term growth for everyone’s

4) We are working on some more new innovative products for version 2.0
and with time I will update you regarding the same

5) We will be opening up multiple offices around the globe to cater
to our ever expanding global growth – Stay tuned on same

6) We have already started to cancel all pending withdrawls and once Ads.Cash
Coin launches , you will be able to settle 50 % of invoice using your Gold coins
and rest pay 50 % in bitcoins

Both the systems will be internally connected and hence during checkout
from Ads.Cash website , you will be able to login to your CI backoffice
and use your gold coins against the 50 % of invoice amount…

7) Keep clicking your 10 ads daily and keep acquiring your gold coins
so you can pick up more and more coins in launch at 2.5 cents
ICO price which will easily hit $1 to $10 in next 12 months once we launch
our own blockchain and hit exchange

Between now till coin launch , you should only focus on 3 things

a) Clicking your 10 ads daily inside Click intensity so you can grab as
many gold coins as you can to purchase more and more

b) Buying as many bitcoins as you can so you can maximize your
purchase in launch and make 100x to 1000x on your investment once we hit
blockchain and exchange

c) Spreading your referral links of everywhere and building a big
team fast so you maximize your profits on launch day

Lets keep it simple and make it big

Nick Johnson
CEO – ClickIntensity And Ads.Cash

AdsCash: 2,600+ Signups For The Day And Counting

2,600+ Signups For The Day And Counting !

More And More New Countries Opening Up

Alexa rankings shooting through the roof

Leaders Sitting On The Sidelines Are Joining In Now !

They Can clearly see the power behind this concept !

They can see the vision of creating world’s first ethereum block chain based crypto currency to bring transparency in the online advertising world

They can see our honest intentions to help bring time and financial freedom to everyone involved here by leveraging the massive power of crypto currency industry

It’s time to help masses have a serious chance in this pursuit of wealth

Till now wealth was reserved for super talented or super rich who created wealth in industrial age and IT age

Now In the crypto currency age , more and more every day people like you and me are becoming millionaires and billionaires

Think about all those people who bought bitcoins at 0.0008 cents and sold at 8 cents or 0.80 cents to $8 or $80 or $800

They ended up making 100x to 1000x to 10000x to 1 million times of their money

I see a similar chance here

With our ICO price of 2.5 cents , the worst case scenario I see is we hitting $2.5 price in next 12 months and hitting exchanges and our own blockchain – best case scenario will be $25 or even $250

That’s potentially 100x to 1000x to 10,000 x of your investment

To lay it out in perspective and numbers

A Investment of $1000 = 40,000 coins at ICO price can potentially lead to $100,000 worst case to $1 million to $10 milllion in next 12 months

You can accordingly do your numbers

Yesterday I was chatting with a high profile businessman in Kuwait and they are planning to take 4 million coins on launch day = $100,00 as they can clearly see the potential

We have many people lined up already to pick a millions coins on launch day

And so many more to pick up 100,000 coins to half a million coins

Looking at the vision we have , looking at the dream corporate team which we are buidling , looking at the leaders we have coming on board – I am getting goose bumps to even think about what’s about to happen in next 12 months

To all my friends and family here , I would request you to focus and focus and focus like you have never before in your life

Starting now till we launch and after that also , Only focus on 2 things everyday

1) Picking up as many coins as you can and waiting for the right time to sell them off for potential 100x to 1000x to 10,000 x returns

To buy coins on launch day , you will need to have bitcoins ready

Some of the sites from where you can pick up bitcoins and get yourself funded so you are ready are :

For USA , Canada , UK –
For Australia,Newzealand – Cointree.Com
For India – ,
For Philippines –
For Singapore –
For Malaysia –
For Nigeria And Africa –
For Dubai and rest of UAE –
9.For Rest of the world –
Purchase bitcoins using credit card/debit card – , ,

2) Sharing your referral links everywhere , talking about this to everyone you can , messaging everyone you can , posting as many online ads as you can and so much more

The bigger the teams you will create now , more will be the profits you will accumulate in the next 12 months

Lets do this

You Guys / Gals With Me ?

Comment below if you are 🙂

Thanks And Regards
Nick Johnson
CEO – Ads.Cash

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CI: Keep Compounding, Keep Promoting

This is to show that there is No Doubt about getting paid from CI . . People dont just jump companies… stick here Together as a Family and make this big….. remember “Together we can and we will make a difference” keep promoting, keep Compounding,
Long Live CI .. thanx Tara Mish, Nick Johnson and all the other Members that are Directly and indirectly associated with CI

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Happy Thanksgiving CI Family

Happy Thanksgiving CI Family

Want all of you to take this moment to appreciate what you have in life and be thankful for everything….

We at CI are thankful for each one of you spending your time and energy in building CI upto this point and together we will take CI to a billion $$$ company – I promise that

Bitcoin Withdrawls are happening in a streamlined way right now and happy to see so many of you getting paid from it in a efficient and timely manner

Our tech crew just informed me that FB likes product is also almost ready and I expect it to go live in next 24 hours or by Monday – Tuesday

That will be another game changer

There are still about 36 days before into 2017 and if we all focus and bring 10 new people each in next 35 days , we can easily touch 200,000 members by december 2016 itself and finish the year strong..

Lets do this and make rest of 2016 and 2017 great for our families


Nick Johnson

Reached Another Milestone In CI (Click Intensity) With 600 Active Silver Packs

I have now reached the another milestone in CI with 600 active silver pack, it’s been an amazing journey so far. I’ve made Great friends, CI has changed my life. I want to thank Nick Johnson, Tara Mish, Ankur Agarwal, all the  Click Intensity leaders and my CI family for all the support, faith, and belief in me. With all the new products coming, this is going to be one amazing ride! Guys be sure you mindset is right.. it matters a lot. Be patient. Build your System strong. See you all at the top..!

“My results are not typical. but achievable by doing hard work and dedication,s.

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CI: FaceBook Shares Are Now Live

Go into your back office right now and just run a test with this product and see how powerful this really it!!! I expect you will be more than pleased with it!!
So much work has gone into making this happen so that we can help people make money online!! Let’s all give respect and thanks to our tech team and Nick Johnson for making it all work!!

CI Owner Nick Johnson “So Transparent You Can See Through Him”

“Hey Click Intensity family I haven’t posted in here for a while but it’s time! I have been in this program since the beginning started with 10 ad packs. Well I know there have been rough patches along the way but the facts are I have withdrawn around $1000 and still at 300 ad packs as of today.The owner Nick Johnson has been so transparent you can see through him he has relayed all the news good or bad. I have been full time on line for over 12 years I can name on one hand great owners Nick Johnson is at the top of the list. Also want to give gratitude and thinks to Tara Mish a company couldn’t ask for a better representative and helper/worker.
And thank you to everyone else here and behind the scenes.
And a special note to any new people here to this opportunity purchase as many ad packs as you can afford. And promote like crazy. Well there’s my two cents”  — Marty

Here Is The Cheque For 1000 Packs

Boom! here is the cheque for 1000 packs haha. Let us congratulate the former Admiral Tan Sri Abu Bakar Jamal and he is set to reach 2000 packs in a month’s time. I’m building a bigger belief in Malaysia right now and soon we can see amazing results over here. Thanks to Nick Johnson, Tara Mish, and Ankur Agarwal

Oh ya last night i make a test withdrawal using my advcash card at a local ATM machine and it works just fine . Love it. Lets rock CI guys.

Azlisham Azizan's photo.
Azlisham Azizan's photo.