Adpackpro is back online and the credits run again

Puuhhh. Done. Adpackpro is back online and the credits run again. The fact that we get hacked accounts proves that we be taken seriously. Joining forces and indefatigable perseverance is running the baby well again. Adpackzahl should still not be correct, that is due to the fact that, in the indexing of databases adpacks gave away back to the original buyer had to be associated with. If any are missing, please speak to your mentor. At this point, a big thank you to the Senior Management Peter Woerz, Christine Mohn, Peter H. Müller, Wolfgang Wenzel, Jeroen Smidand of course to the tecs, Steffen Schwiebus for the excellent work and the Transparency of communication, at times, the anything but normal.
Christmas can come now.
All Adpackern a merry and happy Christmas.

Special Guest Of FutureNet Summit 2016 Announced

“We know that you were waiting for that. It’s a perfect time to announce our special guest at the FutureNet Summit 2016…

❗️it will be Michał Wawrzyniak❗️

He is a founder of MentalWay, businessman, artist, philanthropist. Author of bestselling books: Guru Kultury and HejtoHolik.

It’s been almost a decade as he is promoting personal development and upgrading a life status of people around the world. For the last 5 years he personally trained more than 21.315 people from 22 countries. His life’s motto is – “Always and Everywhere, You Can Do Everything”.

He will give a speech about personal branding and the most effective ways to build a brand around yourself. As well as how to push your limits and get anything you want in your life!

Not a FutureNet member yet? Join here, now. If you don’t have a ticket yet, go to and make sure you will be there with us! :)”   — FutureNet International

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Important TPL Update: Soon Introduction Of New Platform Micro Jobs

Important TPL Update: Soon Introduction Of New Platform Micro Jobs

Dear members
This is an important update: please take the time to read it to help you understand the recent updates of the script and your back office..
During the last week, we had a lot of comments from members about the layout of back-office and the payments of reward and the consensus is that things could be much more clear, to help the members to understand .
We thought now was the best time to make his changes of back-Office, because as you know, we will soon make the introduction of the new platform micro jobs.

So, to make this system easier to navigate and understand for members and to move forward, here are a few tips:
• You win now the premium of network on a daily basis
• You will now win the bonus power line daily (if power line qualified)
• The figures are now calculated on a daily basis and not accrued as they were previously
• Personal Volume Bonus hasn’t changed
• The traffic contribution bonus hasn’t changed
• Coup de startup bonus hasn’t changed
• Limits on the centres of reward has been deleted (which is now unlimited)
• We have started the business investment external
If you do not have a centre of income maximized then your bonus of power lines and the line of network cannot be withdrawn, it cannot be used for future purchases on the platform DWT.
Please note that all figures displayed to move forward will be based on the daily sales and not a cumulated figures over a period of time. Thus, it will be a lot easier for you all to calculate your daily rewards and move forward.
All these changes were made to facilitate the understanding and overall rewards being earned have not changed.
Things in progress.
• Final Promotional Video will be available this week
• Short Teaser should be available this week
• Micro jobs model will be back designers this week
Sincere friendships

CI: Advcash, FB Share Product, PayPal, Crypto Currencies

CI: Advcash Is Back up and running – It was a temporary glitch in their API ( nothing to do with us) and its sorted out now

Excited For FB Share product launching later this week and also Paypal coming back !

We are also working on side by side for withdrawls in crypto currencies like Bitcoins , Ethereum’s and other ones

Hang tight – The best is yet to come 🙂


FutureNet Private Messages The Users To Invite To FutureNet Summit 2016


First of all, we would like to thank you for being user of! Our goal is to create a great community of people, who are brave enough to pursue their dreams.

As everything what we build is dedicated for people like you, we want to give you a possibility of developing your skills, meeting other users and learning more from the best business leaders and entrepreneurs.

That said, we invite you for a FutureNet Summit 2016! It will be held on the 29th of October in Wroclaw (Poland) in Centennial Hall.
All the details you will find on

Take note: tickets are strictly limited and it is advised to book your ticket now.

We are looking forward to see you soon!

If you have any questions, please contact us via email:

Best regards,
FutureNet Founders

500 Active Silver Packs – Now I Think I’ll Start True Work

Wow it’s a fantastic day for me , just reach 500 active silver packs within this great business . i take the first magic 500.Now i think start true work . the road for 1000 . my second steps .
Now i need past a second strategy for take my 1000.
The snowball effect is kicking in now and the business is starting to build by itself. My account is still very small compare to others Big vip i need put more effort for my 1000 , However i’m very please with the way things are going . — happy member of Click Intensity

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