New MultiBuy City Of London Office


NEW MULTIBUY CITY OF LONDON OFFICE – Opening 7th November 2017.

35 New Broad St. House, London, EC2M 1NH (I believe this is right outside Liverpool St Station)

The office will be available for meetings, presentations and Trainings and will be available 7 days a week (by Appointment). The UK Office Coordinator is Paul Burnett who will be assisted by Andrea. A Launch event and date for it is to be announced.

Handy Understandable Sections For You By End Of November

Love Adpacker working on at the moment, over 20 people on the presentations, webinars, PDF files and technical solutions of onevision world. Unfortunately, we can also not witches =). The plan is that at the end of November all in handy, understandable sections for you is ready. All a nice weekend.