CI: Thoughts Regarding Gold Coins And Revenue Share

Hi CI Family, just my thoughts regarding CI. I see alot of members showing of their Gold Coins Balance, some have 2000 , or 20 000 and I think I even saw 200, 000 Gold Coins. Would that not be more beneficial to use those Gold Coins to purchase more Silver Packs thus increasing the Revenue generated by the company, in turn increasing Revenue Share? As I mentioned it’s just my thoughts and I’m still new to Revenue Share companies but since withdrawals are slower and the maximum limit is $100 then I feel we should all pull together as one Team and one Family. Complaining about Revenue Share dropping isn’t going to help our businesses much if we’re not purchasing products in the company to increase its Revenue, also the less Revenue the company generates the slower the withdrawal process as we members can only get paid when the company has enough funds to honour our withdrawals. Would it not make sense then to purchase more products in CI either by using Gold Coins or by canceling old withdrawal requests via Bitcoin and using that to purchase more Silver Packs? Just my thoughts family, my 1% contribution to wanting to make this company work. Have a Blessed day Folks