Join MyPayingAds From This MPA Referral Link

This is the kind of strategy you would want to use if trying to build a team. A lot of people simple use their own referral link and that is it. Some team leaders actually use a referral link and do some sort of team rotator link, which is OK, too.. but..

When you create your own separate URL as a join link.. and this URL then points/re-directs to a company replicated referral link, you are getting the best of both worlds.

Why is this? Isn’t using the regular MPA referral link good enough?

Sure, your MPA link is cool for some situations – like if your friend asks you for your link. But other than that, especially if doing internet marketing and seo where you want to brand yourself, you want to have a link that you can have more control over.

Like, Here is MY custom MPA referral link:

You’ll notice that it re-directed to my company replicated link from My Paying Ads. This, in itself, is OK.. but I’m not using it to its fullest potential quite yet.

You see, I have the option to create a rotator out of this… without losing the link, itself. It will forward TO the rotator link, and from the rotator link it will then forward to whoever’s MPA link or links that I choose.

This way, is the only link that I’ll even need to promote. Plus you never know.. sometimes a company will change their link and then tell you that you have to go out there and modify all of your past links that you have posted around the internet. This isn’t cool.. so by doing what I’m doing here, we can avoid that possible train wreck. (there’s the non-link, of it)

You see, the power of doing this lies not only in ALWAYS having the exact same URL.. but also, it will get indexed and ranking into Google for the term.. in this case, “join mypayingads”


Here’s an example. I’m in another profit share website called MXRevShare. The “join link” that I created for this one, is

If you go to Google right now and type in “Join MXRevShare” you will find my link,, as a result there on the first page. Currently it is listed as #2 from where I’m looking, here in my neck of the woods  😉

It is incredible because I don’t even remember where I ever posted the link at, besides here in my blogs, and maybe on a Blogger or WordPress blog, as well. But it is ranking super-high, and I like it.

Second TPL Simulation Update – Buzzing With Progress

Dear Members

This is our second update and we are all literally buzzing with the progress of the simulation, something is always good in theory and using spread sheets but when you see it unfolding in practice that creates a whole different kind of excitement. 

So here is some info that you need to know.

Rotator and Rewards Simulation

Firstly, on Tuesday or Wednesday evening we will be turning on the rotator and will be entering a number of websites in there to make sure this is working as it should. Once this is turned on and active we will be doing the first reward system simulation. You will earn a FAKE Personal Volume Bonus and a FAKE Traffic Contribution Bonus for the first time on your bonus units. You will NOT have to view any websites during simulation mode but you will have to have purchased at least a Distributor Starter Pack to receive PVB and TCB.

Credit Pack Purchase Issues

Many of you will have noticed a number of glitches when purchasing the credit packs, I am pleased to say that we have pinpointed the bug that was causing this issue and it will be fixed in tonights system update. 

Wrong Sponsor Defaulting to Pearse ID

At the start of the simulation phase there were a number of settings that were in place, these settings will be in place when we go live but these were causing issues during simulation. When we do go live you will not be able to refer distributors if you are not a qualified distributor yourself.  This was causing some issues for members who had not activated during simulation by purchasing a distributor starter pack. When this happened the person visiting the website were defaulting to Pearse as the Sponsor. 

This will not be possible after last nights update and all visitors will be asked to use a valid distributor referral link. Once again, please remember that when we go live that you need to purchase a distributor starter pack before you can refer new distributors or use your link. 

Payment Processors 

As many of you will be aware we had our application with Neteller declined due to the 3 level sales commission. This didn’t come as a surprise. Many Payment Processors consider network marketing opportunities to be high risk due to the number of charge backs. 

I am actually glad that we did not secure their services because I am a firm believer in the security of Bitcoin, Bitcoin is a truly global currency and it will work harder for you than any money you have sitting in the bank.

We have decided that the replacement for Neteller will be one that gives our members the most payment options possible, including credit card, debit card, bitcoin and direct bank deposit, the new payment processor is ADV Cash – please use the link below to open an account.

Payment Processors will go live this evening for funding and this will give members an opportunity to start funding their accounts.  

We are also looking into a few other options that we will update you all as we get more information.

The Consumer Webstore

The Consumer Web Store will go live on Friday with the first 1500 of 8000 education products that will be in our library over the next 3 months.

Kind Regards