Good Morning/Afternoon to all MPA & MPCA family, i would like to share my results below;

When someone achieves something in there life you never see what Struggles they have faced.

“I am never giving up to . . . Promoting & building my Empires of Paradise.”

” My results are not typical:
This proof of earnings is not a guarantee that you would earn the same, but it is possible to earn this much or more with an equal or greater strategy and work ethic.”

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How Do Ad Packs Work? Why Buy Them?

What Are Ad Packs? How Do Ad Packs Work? Why Buy Them?

Ad Packs work just like regular internet advertising packages sold on the internet, in that you get a certain number of page views, clicks, or impressions (or a combination of these) to your websites and/or banners.

Ad Packs work “better” than regular internet ads in that, unlike traditional adverts you purchase somewhere – where you aren’t sure about what kind of results you might get and you could totally blow your cash seeing nothing at all – with revshare ad packs you don’t have to worry about that nearly as much.

A “revshare” is a program that shares it’s revenue with you (us).

Buy Ad Packs Because they Offer Cashback Profitshare

Yes, THAT is the reason to actually buy ad packs, because unlike the other forms of advertising you’ll actually get money back from your adspend. Not just some of your money, and not just the exact amount of your money… you’ll get usually between 110%-120% of your adspend, depending on the specific revshare program.

This “cashback profitshare” gets paid back to you, slowly, as you click ads in the system to remain qualified each and every day.

As soon as you reach enough for another ad pack, the best thing you can do is make a repurchase. The continual process of doing this creates a compounding effect. You see, you are earning on an additional ad pack, now.

The momentum you create by doing this can get super-crazy in such a good way for you. It’ll become a powerful “force” for you. It’ll create a sort of “advertising power”.. I like to refer to it as an “Ad Pack Empire”!!

That is what ad packs are and why you buy them. Do you need any more of a reason than that? If you do any kind of business on the internet I think that you will benefit from revshare advertising. I totally feel that revshares and ad packs are the way of the future here on the internet.

RevShare (Ad Pack) Advertising Isn’t The Most Effective Type Of Advertising

I don’t want to mislead anybody, here. I’m definitely telling you that you’ll get the best or even very good results by advertising in a revshare site. In fact, you could get lots and lots of ad packs and still not see much in terms of results for the business you are trying to promote (if you are trying to promote a different business).

The KEY, or SECRET, is to keep repurchasing those ad packs. Even if you aren’t seeing the kinds of results you were hoping for – as long as it doesn’t kill you to spend money or to have money in the revshare system(s) – as build your number of adpacks things will get better and better for you.

By continually doing a repurchase of ad packs in a rev share site you will eventually get to a point where you are seeing results AND making money from the rev share site AT THE SAME TIME!!

So – you’ll go from seeing little or nothing at first – to getting both signups/referrals and sales while actually earning money from those ad packs. It doesn’t get any sweeter than that!!

This was just a post to encourage you. Many get discouraged easy, especially with all of the stuff that they see, hear, and are exposed to online.

It doesn’t really matter how bad the advertising is if you know that you are not losing money in the process. Once you get those ad packs built-up you will eventually see good stuff happening.

Most people are just afraid to lose money, which is quite understandable. I feel ya.

FutureNet Sponsors

FutureNet Sponsors. You must step up and take care of your downlines when they need help. If your team is not growing or not doing much its partially due to you neglecting your downlines.

This is really not a Sit around and Pray type of business so lets get to work

The rewards for helping your team will far outweigh the efforts needed to make it all happen. The leverage you’ll see is awesome. After a while you’ll get to see your own team members stepping-up and becoming leaders, themselves. There isn’t a better feeling in the world as this.. it signifies true freedom.

My24HourIncome -Is It A Scam? Reviews: My 24 Hour Income Review?

My24HourIncome -Is It A Scam? Reviews: My 24 Hour Income Review?

It is possible that you see the buzz of My24HourIncome around the internet and thought maybe you should join. Before joining, though, you figured you’d do a search and read some reviews to determine whether My 24 Hour Income is a legitimate income opportunity or just a revenue sharing scam like some of the others.

My24HourIncome’s domain name (“my24hourincome.com”) was registered on June 27th 2016 by Derek Burton out of Ontario, Canada. He is known as “Drew”, though, to us..

Drew Burton is obviously “the man with the plan” who had the idea for putting this program together.

I’ve seen Drew a lot in rev share industry doing videos and such – he is pretty popular and is pretty much at the top of whichever revenue share programs he gets involved in.

It is only a natural progression for a successful affiliate to figure out a way to advance him or herself.  Drew figured he would try to start HIS OWN rev share opportunity instead of just promoting others (not having any control over whether they remain open, or not).

Many rev shares are not run properly and seem like scams to the general public – they can’t figure out a way to grow without bringing in new affiliates. So it is always a great indication of realness when somebody who is well-known as an affiliate comes out and says “hey, I have a better way to run a rev share company”. People are flocking to this opportunity because many already know, like, and trust him.

What Are My24HourIncome’s Products – If There Are Any

My 24 Hour Income offers ad packs to their affiliates – like all of the other revshare sites – but also offers members the ability to sell affiliate products through their back offices.  This addition of affiliate products for sale is pretty much unheard of in the revenue sharing industry, as most sites typically only offer ad packs internally to their membership, and have literally no other retail products.  My24HourIncome is going in the right direction to step-up the legalness of their opportunity.

It appears that the vast majority of revenue generated will come from member adpack purchases – this is NOT a bad thing. The problem is, the United States government sucks when it comes to deciding what is a classic ponzi scheme or not.

You see – the fact that it is adpack purchasing that makes the program progress, in itself, isn’t a problem.

The question to ask IS THIS:  Does it require new members to come in and buy these adpacks.. or is it OK if the same members keep re-purchasing ad packs out of their commissions that they earn in the system?

You see – there is a BIG difference there. Needing Ad Packs to be bought isn’t the problem. It is the reliance on NEW people to buy them, that makes a program a ponzi.

When the world begins to understand that difference.. it will be a much nicer world here in the online space.

Let’s See The My 24 Hour Income Compensation Plan – Is It HOT?

My24HourIncome offers 3 different advertising packages as follows:

Adpack 1 (one)- Cost: $5

Matures at 110% at 1.8 to 3.8% daily cap. Gives 75 business directory ads, with 12% referral commission to your sponsor.

Adpack 2 (two) – Cost : $15

Matures at 115% at 1.8 to 3.8% daily cap. Gives 200 business directory ads, with 12% referral commission to your sponsor.

Adpack 3 (three) – Cost: $35

Matures at 120% at 1.8 to 3.8% daily cap. Gives 500 business directory ads, with 12% referral commission to your sponsor.

Adpack 4 (four) – Cost: $75

Matures at 130%. You can purchase unlimited. It gives you 1200 business directory ads, with 12% referral commission to your sponsor.

Conclusion Of My24HourIncome Rev Share Opportunity

Some of the other reviews I see online about My24 (this is what we call it, for short) are only written to drive traffic to some other website or program. They simply use a pattern and re-create almost the same “review” or “scam” keyword page so they can try to rank at the top of Google when people are only trying to learn more about the program.. not to be sent somewhere else..

My24HourIncome is MAJOR a step-up from almost all rev share opportunities, and I don’t see any red flags at all. This could easily be a long-term opportunity – the one you were looking for.

Although the biggest issue is that the My 24 Hour Income business model is considered a ponzi scheme by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) still – it is only because they have YET to understand that nobody is getting “ripped-off” and that every single person was there to purchase advertising services and did NOT see it as an investment. Not only this – they are flat-out reminded of that on the page where you go to make your purchase of ad packs.

In the My24HourIncome FAQ’s, you can find the following question and answer:

Is my24hourincome.com considered a scam or Ponzi scheme or an Illegal online business?

“NO. Any program that claims a ROI but has NO PRODUCT IS A SCAM! But my24hourincome.com Advertising Platform
sells ADVERTISING SPACE! Just like a Billboard or a commercial on television. In order for any program to be legal, it is
required to supply a service and/or product to you, the member! Here at my24hourincome.com, we sell traffic which is
our basic product. All members that purchase ad packs will get Traffic exchange credits and guaranteed banner clicks.” – My24HourIncome

These people aren’t “investors” when they buy advertising services. On top of this, their profits are NOT funded through new “investor contributions” – so My24 does not operate as a classic Ponzi scheme.


Being “Powered By Advertisements” Is The Way To Do It – 10AdsPay

Get your own business “powered by advertisements” – advertising is what makes the online world go around!!

+ Be strong the way that nothing can upset your mind.
+ Remind your friends how capable they are.
+ Always see the glass half full.
+ Never lose your hope.
+ Love the others to become successful.
+ Forget the past mistakes.
+ Always smile at all living things.
+ Be strong when you fear, and be patient when you get angry.
+ Always have something cool in your talks.
+ Be the best and tell everyone that you are the best.

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TrafficHurricane.Plus – Buy Traffic, Expect Results!!

Buy Traffic, Expect Results!! Boost Your Website Traffic Today!!

TrafficHurricane.Plus – This advertising platform will help you to get your business or products out there to the rest of the world while allowing you to partake in the sharing of the company’s hourly profits every day – if you own any “adpacks with sharing position”. You can join for free at this very moment and look around and see what all the excitement is about. I’ll see you on the inside.

My Traffic Hurricane Plus Profiles- Keeping Them Organized

I went all-out yesterday and make some profiles for Hurricane Traffic, or should I say Traffic Hurricane (Plus)?  This is kind of like a test to see how well it works out if you do it this way. I might get some sort of penalty or it might do me very well for my hard work.
Of course, the idea is to get more link juice to the top 3 links listed here, the actual websites and blogs that I’ll be wanting to ultimately get people to visit and join me into TrafficHurricane Plus.
I’ll still add more to this list, as I think of which ones I haven’t covered yet..