Negative Attituded Members Sleepers And Waiters

Note this: I am tired of making MY business “kaputt” through negative attituded members or through sleepers and waiters.
I will now promote MY own link again (I didn’t do it since may last year!) and do MY work for ME. I will not do my work for others (especially the minus-people) any more or make money for others. I have to pay my bills, like each other.
Now we have a stable 3 revshare income stream with real money and sharings of REAL profits only. We have multiple income streams. We have some partner programs, a huge gaming platform and even adult income streams. And we are working on 6 other income streams (Generizer, private ads platform and 3 other 18+ websites). And I will not give a s**t about all negative people here. JUST GO and live your negative lives.
All POSITIVE attituded members are welcome. I will go now out to the world and find NEW POSITIVE friends to make business with them! Bye bye, negative people!!! Drown in your own negativity! And bye bye all disloyal pseudo-leaders as well!
And bye bye all members that SEEMED to be best friends of me and James and MX as long as there were no problems.
In HARD times you know who is a friend and who was your pseudo-friend as long as you have thrown away in their direction!

MXWorld: Don’t Worry, Be Happy!!

Notice: The cronjobs didn’t start tonight because of a technical problem. Abd in my village there is no internet due to a technical problem at ‘Telekom’. Murphy’s law! 😂
50 minutes ago I could finally start the cronjobs (scripts for counting and resetting clicks and make the shares) from my cellphone. All is finished now.
BUT: Too many members DEMAND the voluntary profit sharings and think that it is a MUST BE thing. NO! The company shares the profit fully voluntary. No right to demand them or to ask for them. Your reactions:
All runs perfectly = “Oh, how boring.” (50 postings per day)
No sharings (due to any reasons) =”Run! The company steals our money. What’s wrong? Company is broke?” (10.000 postings)
Wtf is wrong with people of the world? Change your mind and focus on good things. Bad thinking causes bad acting. Negative mind causes negative results in your life. Hopefully the books, videos and audios at MX.WORLD will change some peoples view on the world… Don’t worry, be HAPPY!