I’ll Be Buying AdPacks To Promote My New Coffee Business


Up til now I’ve been buying adpacks in several different revshare programs (they are all listed within this blog) and basically promoting BuyAdPacks.com so that I could build big teams in each of the revshares.

My strategy was ALWAYS to find a way to prove it to the people that rev share traffic actually works and that we aren’t all just buying it to make money on the cashback incentive that these programs offer to us.

Up til now, I hadn’t found a product that I felt strong enough about to make this happen. Because of this, I just kept on promoting the idea of buying adpacks in the various revshare programs and that was it.

This is all changed now. I will be showing to the world that you can use rev share traffic to build a biz other than another rev share program.

(Yes it seems silly to promote revshare programs inside of other revshare programs, but almost everybody is doing it!! Only thing was – I was doing it different than they were. I wasn’t just advertising the actual company replicated sites… like almost every one of the other members was doing in there.)

Now – I have my coffee to see. It is both a product and an opportunity that I’ll be sharing with everybody.

I secured 4 coffee domains, so far, to get started:



and these two:



I’ll be promoting the Lean Java Bean Coffee.  So basically this blog and my other blogs will be sharing with people how I am promoting my coffee biz and what kinds of results I am seeing while doing so.

Believe me.. if the traffic from a revshare doesn’t work.. the last thing I want to do is promote it. Right? Why the heck would I do that? That wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense.

We don’t want these useless revshares to continue to operate if they are just a money game. You agree, I’m sure.