How Much You Are Losing By Not Buying $50 AdPacks In TAT

Do you know how much you are losing by not buying $50 adpacks in TAT?

Disclaimer: Profit is not guaranteed in theadsteam as it is not an investment company. Actual result may vary and for calculations purpose I have assumed that $10 adpack expires in 45 days and $50 adpacks in 60 days.

See below in the table if you compound for 6 months and withdraw everything after that, then you will end up withdrawing 222% if you were buying $10 adpacks. On the other hand if you were buying $50 adpacks then you can withdraw 309%. You can find comparison below for 1 month to 6 month and it only increases in later months.

Share it with your team if you care about them.

PS: I have tested this on $100 adpacks value so you still need to buy $50 adpacks if you are starting with as low as $100 even. I’ll also do a video later on it to explain in detail.

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TheAdsTeam: If you plan BIG, you achieve BIG


They say, “If you plan BIG, you achieve BIG”. Love the way you set yourself Diamond target and specially the way you achieved it.

Help me congratulate Grzegorz Góra for achieving prestigious Diamond Position. You have done it my friend and we are all proud of you. Your actions and achievements are inspiring so many people around the world.

You are also one of our top Leader in TAT Academy as well. Your passion and commitment towards the company is extra ordinary and we are proud to have people like yourself on board.

Good luck for the Future. Let’s aim for Blue Diamond.


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Fake Profile In Name Of Muhammad Azam (With Picture, Too)

There is a fake profile in my name and with my picture going around and sending people friendship requests. I would like to clarify that i only have one profile. Please do not accept any requests from this facebook ID. I have already reported this to facebook, please you do so as well if you come across it. Do not share your TheAdsTEAM username or Password with this person or open any links.”  – Muhammad Azam

Major Hack Attack On CoinPayments Wallets And Perfect Money Wallets

Important Update:
We wanted to let all of you know that there was a major hack attack on coinpayments wallets and perfect money wallets last night. You might have seen other programs putting the same news out. It was across different programs in the industry and was intense and continuous.

We at TheAdsTEAM were able to spot the attack early and avoided major set back.

All I can say for now is that TheAdsTEAM is in safe hands and we are working hard to make our security even better.

There might be a bit delay in processing BTC withdrawal request but we will try to process all within 24 hours.

Stay Blessed.

TAT (TheAdsTEAM): Ad view timer change from 10 sec to 20 sec to ensure better quality of viewership

We are rocking with all of you, a massive well done to you for become a strong team of 15k+ in about 30 days into TAT (TheAdsTEAM). That is incredible!!

Ad view timer change from 10 sec to 20 sec to ensure better quality of viewership. This will be good for all members.

Ad view timer change from 10 to 20 seconds
Ad view timer change from 10 to 20 seconds

509 Direct Referrals In Just 7 Weeks (The Ads Team)

Thanks GOD and Thanks #TheAdsTEAM,
Today i have Reach 509+ Direct Referrals in just 7 weeks. It’s a huge achievement. I am very Happy and Thanks to my all #TAT TEAM Members for Join our successful TEAM…
“If You Can Click a Mouse You Can Make Money Every Single Hour”.
……………….<<**” Long Live The Ads TEAM “**>>……………….

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Concerned TAT Member Talks About TheAdsTEAM Blog Contest

“I would like to express my view on the current run $100 Blog Post.
This was a great contest to have in our team. This contest not only makes people to participate in , but also make them know more , gather alot info about the Revshares before getting in and make them realise that how TheAdsTeam is progressing and currently being among the top sites. Undoubtedly #TheAdsTeam is clinching very well.

But my small concern here is, I guess , this contest was started a bit back and all those who participated mailed the blogs and details to leaders as and when they completed. I guess it’s you (leaders ) are who knew more than us and been in this field more than we and you’ve right decision to take on this. I hope you already read all and have a clear idea who did well. Anything decision from you guys (Leaders or TAT team) will obviously perfect decision and no one will question it.

Giving an choice to us is definitely a strong and right move. But if the participant who really did well ,spent a lot of time on it , and want to grow in this field misses out in any reason, it’s makes us feel lil low.
It’s not about the pay but he’ll get good inspiration, support from great leaders like you which make him feel confident to move further.
I thinks it’s your Team of Leaders to decide this (TAT). Please correct me if i’m wrong in anyway. Happy to accept.”  — Concerned Member