You Can Earn Money Online From Simply Clicking Some Ads Each Day

Don't forget to do your clicks each day to share in the profits
Don’t forget to do your clicks each day to share in the profits

There are people out there that simply don’t believe that there is money to be made on the internet. There are even some people who go out of their way to say that it isn’t possible to earn money from simply clicking some ads each day online.

These people couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only is there LOTS of money to be made from the internet.. but clicking ads it the best way to do it with the ability to scale-up your business!!

YES!! This is because you have option to build a team that ALSO clicks their own ads. DUPLICATION at its finest!

Earning Money From Clicking Ads Each Day Is FUN And HOT

It really doesn’t get any better than this. Unless, somehow, you were able to still earn that money WITHOUT needing to click those ads!!  Oh wait.. that is ALSO an option, in some of the revshare sites. Yeah in some sites that give you option to “buy a vacation” from having to click those daily ads.

Don’t let the easiness fool you. People are getting paid from their adpacks, no matter how many they have.. just by clicking those 10 ads to stay qualified each 24 hours.

Oh – be sure  not to let your timer/ticker expire. This would exclude you from the profit sharing for that time until you get qualified again by doing your clicking.

Qualify For Rewards Revenue Share: Members Must Click 10 Ads In 24 Hours Period

Dear Members,

I hope you had a great weekend and looking forward for a productive week. As mentioned before MyPayingAds main objective and focus is:

“Take Online Advertisement and Revenue share industry further.”

Today programmers made adjustments to the coding for surfing ads counter and display. As you know to qualify for reward revenue share members must click 10 ads in 24 hrs time period.

Previously due to a glitch in coding on occasions members were surfing more ads in advance and respectively less in next 24 hour period.

We are committed to provide quality traffic while making sure business is fully compliant to all T&C’s. From now on you must click 10 ads in a session for your timer to reset.

As professional online marketer it’s good practice to surf your ads twice a day.

Many Thanks

Tanzeel Zia
Communication ExecutiveNo automatic alt text available.