FutureNet Masters 2018 – International Tennis Table Tournament behind us!

FutureNet Masters 2018 – International Tennis Table Tournament behind us! As we believe that a sound mind is in a sound body, we had decided to support this tournament by becoming the title sponsor.

This year, the field of participants consisted of eight players who demonstrated their extraordinary skills in the competition on the plate. The current number 1 of the world rankings, Timo Boll, also competed in Merzig.
In addition, the third in the world rankings, Dimitrij Ovtcharov, the seventh in the world rankings, Simon Gauzy, and the multiple worlds and European champion Jörgen Persson took part in the tournament.

Winners of the tournament:
1st Timo Boll.
2nd Kirill Gerassimenko
3rd Chen Weixing.
3rd Jakub Dyjas

We will not forget emotions accompanying matches for a long time!

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Lydia Bratzke – Unlimited Life (FutureNet song) [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

“Unlimited Life” – was created special for FutureNet. Short story, how FutureNet can change life.

Title: Unimited Life
Song: Lydia Bratzke
Lyrics: Lydia Bratzke
Music: Lydia Bratzke/Marek Dziedzic


Lydia: fb.com/lydia.bratzke

Excited About ClickIntensity’s New FaceBook Shares Product

I tested out ClickIntensity’s new “FB Shares” product today while I was in the site clicking my daily ads to qualify for my revenue-sharing.  I have to tell you.. I was blown-away by what happened.

So I put the information in there for the ad, because you have to first created a post in FB either on your profile or on your fan page. Then you go into the Gold advertising section of Click Intensity and you order-up your shares.

In order to place your order… you have to have the direct link to your post that you created, that you want to promote.

So I put the link of my post into the box – create a title and a short description for my ad (this is what the potential “sharers” will see before they decide to actually SHARE it) and then decided on how many shares I wanted.. each costs in GOLD COINS so I had to determine how many I could afford.

I then pushed submit.

I go about my business online and the next thing I know, I’m getting FB notifications telling me that these other individuals are sharing the post that I had just created. It took maybe 3 minutes for this to transpire.

Isn’t that crazy? Isn’t that totally cool? How easy is this? So I created yet another post. The first one was a wall post and the second was a fan page post.

Once again – within minutes – my stuff is being shared all around FB, from people that I don’t even know! Imagine how powerful that is!!

I created a fan page on FutureNet, as well, for this.