#onevision Live Event: You Were Great And I Could Hug You All Again

Dear friends and all of you, the least in the live event were there I would like to, on behalf of us,
Jeroen, Christine, Peter, and Wolfgang, a very big thank you to say. It was great to see you all, the hand to push, in the eye and, above all, the many conversations on the edge of the event. You were great and I could hug you all again.
We are now tonight and tomorrow night and still at it small technical updates. Also, we are preparing all the information and possibilities of #onevision world in “small” bite, as president, videos and webinars on to you as soon as possible to provide all the input, so that everyone who couldn’t be there to know what it is. This applies to you please contact your upline.
On that note…

We are on a mission
´cos we got the ambition
to create a new world
we have ONE VISION

Peter Woerz's photo.
Peter Woerz's photo.
Peter Woerz's photo.

How To Buy My Matrix Positions In FutureNet?

How To Buy My Matrix Positions In FutureNet: 10$, 25$, 50$, 100$, 500$, 1000$

This video was was recorded on March 12, 2016.. This guy is actually our upline in FutureNet. It is November 1, 2012, now – and Adrian has been earning money like crazy in FutureNet!!

Ad Pack Pro – 1000 Ad Packs Reached – Thanks To Both Upline And Downline

“Today I have my second milestone-1.000 Packs. At the point, I would like to thank ovh that it allows for the first time I did, my upline for the spiritual and my downline for the financial support :)”  — Hudea Traian ·
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