FutureNet Main Sponsor Of Polish Junior Beach Handball Championship

FutureNet Polish Junior Beach Handball Championship are coming in two days in Myslakowice (Poland)! FutureNet is the Main Sponsor of the event! Check the photo- and video relation on FN channels 💪

Futurenet Championship of polish juniors and junior in beach handball

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Why Is It Worth It To Get To Know FuturoCoin


7 facts about FuturoCoin! 💰

Find out why it is worth it to get to know FuturoCoin! Learn about differences between FTO and ordinary coins, about payments, transactions and much more. Watch the video to know everything what you need!

#FTO | #FuturoCoin

MyAdStory Referral Links And Banners

I just created an account with MyAdStory.

My MyAdStory (MAS) Referral Links (my username is “buyadpacks”)

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728 x 90 MAS Banners

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125 x 125 MAS Banner

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Myadstory by mahmoud-cherif1

newfreelife by mahmoud-cherif1



MyAdStory Post 1

Wow! I am excited to be part of this company that has a clear vision for the future. Just a sneak peak of what is offered:
– Sustainable pay plan, earn up to $500/day!
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This company has been transparent, honest, and continuously makes great improvements for the betterment of the program. If you want more information, comment below and I will send you more information!
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TheAdsTeam Purchasing Adpacks – Payment Processor ID- TheAdsTEAM

In this video Kerri will show you how to purchase Adpacks and how to add your payment processor IDs in the back office. Here is a video for everyone who hasn’t purchased adpacks yet. How to purchase adpacks and where to enter your payment processor ID’s.


Find Ref Link, Set Up Processors, Find Promo Banners, Landing Pages

Hey TAT team members! Do you want to know :
1. How to set up your profile and find your referral link?
2. How to set up your payment processors?
3. Where to find your promotional banners, landing pages and other promo tools?
Here is a video to help with that!

Demonstration Of Banners AdPacks For AdPackPro

I’m always asked how to demonstrate with Banners Adpacks. If you own a server is running and a little familiar, upload the banner just in a directory and tie it up with the address in adpackpro a. What is, however, if you don’t own server has and not even know how to create your own AdPackPro banners? This video shows how it works. (Polish language)

The Struggle Is Real But There Is Opportunity For Everyone In CI

“I feel this video is very appropriate for all of those who are encountering people in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s and beyond who feel that the opportunities of this generation are not for them.



My24 – This Week’s Paid To Promote 200$ Giveaway

This weeks Paid to Promote 200$ giveaway…

Viral Video campaign: $200 is up for grabs this time =)

its very very simple follow the 4 steps below and view the video..

step 1) here’s the content video: https://youtu.be/anDQDbmkito

step 2) go to this site and download that video: http://www.clipconverter.cc/

step 3) upload the video to your YouTube channel (make sure you change the video title) and leave your referral link in the video description…

step 4) post that video on your FB wall (please no groups) make sure your referral link is in your post…

Step 5) Open up and copy past the perma link in your comment below this post.

it’s that simple good luck and the winner will be announced the end of the week !!! =)