Why I’m Doing Well In FutureNet

One of the reasons I’m doing quite well in FutureNet is because I didn’t give up.
When the other giant revshare got shut down everyone started freaking out and a lot of my team left FN but I honestly I didn’t really give a damn because I knew FN was different then most of the crap out there.
Also after the fallout of that major Revshare this group was also becoming very quiet and everyone started promoting something else. But I kept pushing with FutureNet and didn’t jump ship I just kept my focus in FutureNet because I already saw from miles away that this will become a Solid Giant.
Im really glad that Steve and I kept pushing Futurenet as if there was no tomorrow while others quit.
So don’t get side tracked and KEEP PUSHING. FutureNet is the real deal. If you want to build a real long term business you are in the right place.. IF you are here to look for a quick hit and run then you wont make it and might as well just quit once and for all.” – Mike